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Being Profitable in Business

Hello, my name is Damian and this is my new business blog. I am quite a novice in the world of business. I only started my company last year and it is only a small operation that I run part time out of my garage. I am lucky to have a friend who has been a businessman for many years, as he can offer me some fantastic advice. I wanted to start this blog to so I could share what I have learnt as I continue on my journey into the exciting world of business. I hope you find my blog useful.



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The Advantages of Using a Town Planner Before Creating Any Urban Design

Developers who buy up large plots of land for urban design and new shopping centers, office complexes, or subdivisions would do well to work with a town planner long before work begins. A town planner or urban planner is a specialist who works to create the best plan for land use and development of cities and commercial areas, and they take into account social trends, environmental factors, and the like. Note a few advantages of using a town planner before creating any urban design and what information they can share with you.

1. Pollution risks

To develop a new subdivision or office complex, you may be considering clearing out all or most of the trees in the area so that construction is easier and faster, not having to work around the location of trees and other vegetation. However, a town planner can note the increased amount of pollution you might expect from all the new vehicle traffic your development will create, and how clearing all the trees will mean less chance to clean that pollution. You might be violating regulations about air cleanliness, or may want to reconsider your plans for clearing just so that the air is cleaner for occupants of the space.

2. Land values

When considering a new development, you may be thinking of how much you would be able to earn from selling the houses or production facilities you build, but an urban planner can note how land values are affected by surrounding areas and factors you may not have considered. Being too far removed from main cities might decrease land value as occupants may not want to have a long commute, or this may mean occupants are far removed from grocery stores, restaurants, and the like. Working with an urban planner can mean a more realistic view of the land values and earnings you might expect after your development is completed.

3. Population trends

Town planners are familiar with population trends in many areas so they can note how these would affect your development. For example, you might be considering building production and manufacturing facilities, but nearby population trends show that most residents are nearing retirement age and may not be interested in starting a new company or moving their current company to a new location. A younger population may prefer strip malls with trendy stores and cafes versus family restaurants. Population trends often affect the success of various developments, and a town planner (like thsoe at Michel Group Services) can work with you to make the best decision for your development based on these trends.