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Hello, my name is Damian and this is my new business blog. I am quite a novice in the world of business. I only started my company last year and it is only a small operation that I run part time out of my garage. I am lucky to have a friend who has been a businessman for many years, as he can offer me some fantastic advice. I wanted to start this blog to so I could share what I have learnt as I continue on my journey into the exciting world of business. I hope you find my blog useful.



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Why Choose Timber Roof Trusses for Your New Home?

Timber roof trusses are used for homes with an open floor plan; they are unlike standard stick built roofing designs, which need to be covered with drywall and other materials to create ceilings in a home. Timber roof trusses are often used in more rural settings and designs, but they offer some great advantages to homeowners looking to have a new home constructed. Note a few of those advantages here so you can decide if timber roof trusses are good for your new home construction.

Stronger weight

Timber roof trusses are made with thick and dense wood beams that are designed to hold the entire span of a home's roof. This can mean foregoing load-bearing walls in the home. However, it might also give you more choices as to the roofing materials you use on the roof's exterior. Some materials, such as slate or clay, are so heavy that you would normally need to add bracing to the roof in order to install them. With timber roof trusses, you can usually opt for any material for your home's roof without the expense and work of putting in additional beams and bracing for the home.


Timber roof trusses are usually made in a production facility and then shipped to the construction site. This will result in less waste of wood used for the roof, since the timber beams are cut more precisely in a production facility than they will be on a construction site. Additionally, since measurements and cuts will be more accurate with timber roof trusses, the home's overall frame is typically more secure. There is less risk of improper measurements or cuts when you use timber roof trusses, so the home's framing will fit exactly and your home may be less likely to shift and settle over time.

Using prefabricated timber roof trusses can also make installation and construction faster and easier. The trusses can be delivered right when they're needed and installed immediately without any cutting or trimming. This means fewer delays that can affect other contractors who need the roof installed in order to do their jobs. There are also fewer limitations when it comes to site conditions; for example, wood for roofing beams may not be cut in the rain as this might soften the wood itself and also be hazardous when it comes to working with power tools. With timber roof trusses, there are fewer weather conditions that would interrupt and delay your home's construction.