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Hello, my name is Damian and this is my new business blog. I am quite a novice in the world of business. I only started my company last year and it is only a small operation that I run part time out of my garage. I am lucky to have a friend who has been a businessman for many years, as he can offer me some fantastic advice. I wanted to start this blog to so I could share what I have learnt as I continue on my journey into the exciting world of business. I hope you find my blog useful.



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Replacing Water Heater Anodes

Replacing your water heater anode is essential in ensuring that the water heater system offers you long term services. The anodes are useful in preventing corrosion to the water heater tanks. They block and corrode themselves to maintain the tank in a functional state. Lack of these heater anodes while heating water electrically leads to corrosion of the heater tanks that makes your system to eventually fault. The working of such anodes largely depends on the quality of tank used in your water heating system, how frequent the heating system operates, the purity level of water being heated since impurities have an effect on the process of corrosion, and the maximum temperature water normally heats. Some manufacturers offer life expectancy anodes. Therefore, an assessment is necessary as to whether or not you need to change your anode. Check frequently to confirm the condition of your anode and if necessary replace with the following steps.

Disconnect Power supply

Shut down power supply from the mains to the heater. For electric heaters, disconnect the circuit breaker. This is necessary because with power supply to the electric heater left on, and air coming in contact with the element, the result could turn to a blowout. Turn the valve that controls gas to the lowest setting for gas heaters. It should not be turned off completely to avoid lighting the pilot light again.

Drain your Tank

Draining your tank to almost halfway will ease your operation. You may use a regular garden hose or a tank drain to remove the water. Draining the whole tank to combine the anode replacement with thorough cleaning of the tank would make the heater system more effective.

Remove Old Anode and Replace with New One

Using a wrench, loosen the fitting located at the base of the anode. Be careful to gently remove the whole fitting system to avoid cases of the wrench slipping and breaking the fitting system which might tamper with your heater. Getting a single fitting from a regular shop might not be an easy task for you.

Your local hardware store should be able to recommend the right brand anode for your heater. You may also use the old anode to know the specific type that best fits your heater. Screw the new anode and make it tight using a wrench. Seal all the threads using a masking tape. Aluminium anodes are the best recommendations if your previous anodes wore out faster.