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Hello, my name is Damian and this is my new business blog. I am quite a novice in the world of business. I only started my company last year and it is only a small operation that I run part time out of my garage. I am lucky to have a friend who has been a businessman for many years, as he can offer me some fantastic advice. I wanted to start this blog to so I could share what I have learnt as I continue on my journey into the exciting world of business. I hope you find my blog useful.



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Preparing the Ground for Laying a Roll On Lawn

A roll on lawn is a quick, relatively simple way to achieve a beautiful lawn. It saves a lot of time versus other methods, particularly the hassle of using seed, leaving you free to get on with enjoying it.

Although it's convenient if done right, doing it right is not always straightforward. If you don't get the process spot on the first time around, you might end up spending more time than you'd anticipated on your lawn. One of the most important steps is preparation, so follow these tips and your new green grass will be off to an excellent start, settling in well with little stress.

Before you do anything else...

You should make sure all your plans are in order. Many a job has gone horribly wrong because it wasn't planned properly, so don't cut corners or rush through it. Make sure you know the exact area you're going to turf, you're certain you'll have enough to do it, and you're familiar with the procedures before and afterwards.

Clear the way

Prepare the ground first by removing any weeds, large stones, and existing patches of grass. Don't be tempted to use a weedkiller, as this will most likely damage the grass when you lay your new turf.

Get the soil ready

Carefully rake over the whole area, loosening the soil and lifting it as deeply as you can. Remove any other large stones you discover during this phase. If the soil is particularly sandy or heavy, you may benefit from adding a good quality topsoil and mixing it into the top layer. If you're using a solid fertiliser, rake it into the ground now. Pat it down gently to smooth it over, and make sure it's level and even.

Fertilise now if you need to

If you're using a liquid fertiliser, add it to the soil now, and leave it to soak into the ground. Wait a day or two before moving on, so you can be sure it's soaked right through.

Water well

Your new roll on lawn is going to be extremely thirsty, so make sure it can get off to the right start by watering the ground thoroughly. Don't overdo it, though. If the ground becomes waterlogged, you'll need to wait until it's dried out before proceeding. When the ground is watered but not soaked to the point of forming puddles, you can proceed to laying the roll on lawn.